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Dog Giardia Parasite Questions

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dog giardia parasite

Magnified View of Dog Giardia Parasite

Questions We Received From Pet Parents and Suggestions from Our Veterinarian

Reader Question: Should I be Concerned About the Safety of the Giardia Vaccine?

My Bulldogs are always out in the fields near our farm. While they are good about not eating feces or drinking from our nearby lake, I’m concerned.  They seem to frequently become infected with Giardia , resulting in diarrhea, regardless of how hard I try to protect them from the disease.

Vet Suggestion from Dr. Coates DVM:

The Giardia vaccine is not in common use (if it is even still being manufactured) because of low effectiveness.

You are doing the right thing by monitoring your dogs. You should determine if the diarrhea from Giardia or if the Giardia is part of the test results. If the Giardia is causing diarrhea, consider improving the gastrointestinal health of your bulldogs with an over the counter probiotic such as Fortiflora and by adding fiber to the diet to solidify the stools.

In terms of diarrhea caused by Giardia, check to see if your Veterinarian is prescribing Febendazole, since this is the medication of choice when diarrhea is the symptom.  Some Veterinarians will use Febendazole along with another medication, Metronidazole.

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